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With IDAS support my confidence grew and I felt able to make some positive decisions.

"My husband and I had been having problems for years but things just got worse after we had the children. I stopped working to be a stay at home mum as my husband had a good job and money wasn’t an issue. We had always argued a bit but slowly the arguments became more aggressive and for the first time I started to get scared of him. He would shout in my face, calling me horrible names. He would accuse me of seeing men whilst he was at work and constantly check up on me by calling and texting all day and sometimes just turning up to see what I was doing."

"I couldn’t take it anymore and told my health visitor and she gave me the IDAS number. I met with an outreach worker who helped me understand what had been happening to me. It felt such a relief to be able to talk to someone about what was going on. I hadn’t realised how isolated I had become and how low my confidence was. My husband decided to leave and moved to his mum's.  With IDAS support my confidence grew and I felt able to make some positive decisions.  I met with a solicitor and began divorce proceedings and put in place a formal contact order. I attended a group run by IDAS which helped me to move on from my experience and would recommend anyone going through similar experiences to make the call to IDAS to get that support."

Police and Crime Commissioner, North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, BBC Children in Need, Leading Light Accreditation by Safe Lives
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