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Mother and son

The Respect programme is a specially developed programme available for families across North Yorkshire.

It supports families where children or young people have started to display abusive or aggressive behaviours towards their parents or carers. It is a voluntary programme for families who would like to work to gain positive change within the family.

As part of the programme, IDAS children and young people’s practitioners work with the parents and children in structured sessions to offer support, insight, and some simple targeted solutions to help improve the family relationships and dynamics. The sessions focus on parenting styles and anger management techniques that the whole family can employ.

The programme is provided over three months and in that time IDAS practitioners will use a number of tools and techniques to help to identify the behaviours that are causing concerns and look at ways to create positive outcomes. Our team recognise that every member of the family is a part of the solution and that by working together they can develop a more harmonious home.

Some of the sessions will be with the whole family, others with the parents and others with the child or young person. The programme reaches its full potential if both young person and parent/carer are willing to engage. Within the sessions the practitioner will also help with safety planning, help to develop a family agreement, will look at assertiveness techniques and how to deal with conflict and anger management.

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If you need any additional information please contact us via email [email protected] or get in touch via our live chat service which is available daily from 5pm until 7pm on our website.

Comments from people who have used our service:

As a single parent I struggle – but having Respect was a backup and this boosted my confidence. He has starting using ‘time out’ before he gets angry and he disappears to his room, we are getting on a bit better.

The support felt like I was not alone in dealing with my child’s behaviour and one of the video activities made me open my eyes and I realised I that some of my behaviour was contributing to my child’s anger issues.

Really enjoyed it, it helped me a lot, I behave better and it helped me understand I should respect my family members more’





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