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Supporting Victims in North Yorkshire






The Supporting Victims service will provide support for anyone affected by crime, whether reported or not, of any age, including children and young people (wherever possible with consent), bereaved relatives, parents or guardians of victims under 18, and those affected by business crime.

The newly commissioned Supporting Victims team is based within Athena House, York but will provide a service accessible for all North Yorkshire victims. The service is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire.

As part of new local arrangements, and in line with the Victims Code of Practice improved and expanded services are available. Particularly to victims of the most serious crimes, those who are vulnerable, repeat victims; and victims of a greater range of crimes will receive support than was previously supported.

How will Supporting Victims help?

Supporting Victims in North Yorkshire will be delivered by trained and experienced staff in partnership with the organisation Victim Support.

The service will assess victim need by asking individuals questions to determine the impact of the crime. The service will offer:

  • Immediate practical and emotional support over the telephone
  • Referral to support staff based in their community to provide ongoing face to face support through a personalised plan
  • Onward referrals to other local agencies can also be made as appropriate
  • If a specific need is identified Supporting Victims can refer individuals to one of our specialist commissioned support services (described below).

Supporting Victims Website

As part of the Supporting Victims service the Commissioner has also developed a bespoke website, designed to meet the needs of North Yorkshire victims of crime.

The website can inform victims how to access support services in North Yorkshire via the Supporting Victims team based at Athena House as well as providing victims who want to support themselves with practical information, advice and guidance.

The website can be found at: http://www.supportingvictims.org/

What about victims who do not want to report to the police?

Self-referrals: In addition to referrals from the police, victims will be able to refer themselves to Supporting Victims in North Yorkshire without having to first report a crime.

The new telephone number, email address and website will provide direct routes for victims to refer themselves to the service.

This is important as some victims may not wish to report a crime, but are still entitled to support.

How do I refer a victim for support?

  • Proactively inform clients with whom you are working, with that if they require support to cope and recover from the impact of crime, they can contact Supporting Victims directly
  • You may also refer clients/victims you are working with to the team
  • Victims may also self-refer to the service via the telephone number, email address or website at any time whether they have reported a crime or not
  • A leaflet that may be sent or handed out to victims can be found here
  • Victims may also be in possession of a Supporting Victims business card which police officers and PCSOs are encouraged to hand out to victims when they are dealing with a crime.
  • You can and should bring victims with identified support needs to the direct attention of the Supporting Victims team where you deem it appropriate to do so, as soon as possible.
  • The more information the Supporting Victims have on client/victim circumstances the better informed they are to assess the victim and make appropriate referrals and support available.
  • Do keep in touch with Supporting Victims to ensure they are aware of any new developments that may affect their support.

About the Supporting Victims Unit

Operating hours

8am - 7pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays

How to contact us

Telephone: 01609 643 100
Website: www.supportingvictims.org
Email for Victims: [email protected]
Email for Agencies: [email protected]

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Quotes from people who have used our service


Mrs J : harassment; "Thank you, you have been brilliant, you kept getting back to me when others didn't". (2214187)


Mr W : theft; "it's nice to know that someone out there cares". (2193358)


Mr H : racially aggravated harassment, "Thank you so much for your call and the support, it has made a difference to me". (2291586)


Mrs C : 88 year old lady ; burglary, "I don't need any support, but thank you for your letter, it was nice of you to offer and to know there was someone who can help if I needed". (2265265)

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