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Kyra Women’s Project aims to provide support for women of all ages and backgrounds to take an active role in their own development through social, creative and training opportunities. It is run by women for women. The Project brings together women who are isolated, emotionally vulnerable, or who are looking for help to improve their wellbeing.

In particular, we work with women who have specific needs around recovery - such as, recovery from domestic abuse, alcohol or substance misuse, or mental ill-health.  We also support women who are lonely, experiencing bereavement, post-natal depression, and periods of ill-health.  In short, we serve women from all walks of life, across the full spectrum of social challenges.  We give women the opportunity to better understand and address those factors that negatively affect their thinking, behaviour and life chances.  We equip them with alternative ways of coping and of changing their lives for the better.

 An introduction to Kyra Women's Project

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Operating hours

Tuesday: 9am - 8pm
Wednesday: 9m - 8pm
Thursday: 9am - 8pm
Friday: 9am - 8pm

NOTE: Courses, classes and activities are all running on the above days at the above times.  There may not always be someone in the office at these times, but an answering machine will take messages and calls will be returned as soon as possible.

How to contact us

Kyra Women’s Project
St Saviourgate

Telephone: 01904 632 332
Email:[email protected]

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“From the day I walked through the door at Kyra I have felt a valued person in my own right.  The Kyra volunteer I worked with one to one, was welcoming and holistic in her support, which is unique and immediately inspires trust to open up as a client, to be met with compassion underpinned by sound professional advice that is tailored to individual need.

I rely heavily on visualization in order to learn and remember things, something that was unavailable to me in the Health Service.  I no longer feel overwhelmed in my bank or supermarket where I used to be terrified of making mistakes. Using the techniques I have been taught, I now break things into small actions that allow space for me to control my breathing and regain control of what happens next without ending up muddled and distressed.” - Ann

“Kyra has provided me with good support, care and always made me feel welcomed to be with your wonderful team” (NT)

“I would recommend Kyra to others – they are dedicated to their job giving you the right support for you.  They recommend different courses to you and help you through your journey” (MW)

“I’ve met some fantastic people through the courses and groups and I find the spirit of the organisation very empowering and inspiring for women. Lots of varied activities opening u new avenues – very kind, supportive and funny staff.” (LG)

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