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Children and Young People

Children and young people are often the forgotten victims of domestic abuse.  Adults often believe they are protecting their children from what is happening and many think that if children are not actually in the room when violence or abuse is happening they won’t pick up on this.

However, this isn’t the case.  Even children who are not directly abused themselves hear and are aware of a lot more than adults think.  Living with abuse can be terrifying for a child and in the long term can affect everything from how they feel, how they act at school and how they behave in their own relationships.

Young people can also be the victims of domestic abuse in their own relationships.  We have supported people as young as 14 who are being hit and abused by their boyfriends.

IDAS are able to offer one to one support and some groups for children and young people.  We also provide support for young people who are starting to be abusive.   For more information about any of our services or to make a referral please email [email protected].

If you already work with children and want some ideas on developing safety plan with them, please visit The Den

The Respect Programme

The Respect Programme supports families where children or young people have started to display abusive or aggressive behaviours towards their parents or carers. It is a voluntary programme for families who would like to work to gain positive change within the family.

More about The Respect Programme

"If ever times are tough, keep saying be happy not sad and don’t get involved.  Remember that you are never to blame and there are always people to help".

"I used to feel shy but now I feel happy, I have stopped having bad dreams".

"Since getting support I don’t get as angry as much.  I don’t worry as much and I can talk to my Mum more".


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