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Scales of justice representing the family courts

Did you know that January is the time of year when the courts receive the most applications filing for divorce?

Unfortunately, many separations are the result of domestic abuse and victims and survivors often need to use civil law in the family courts to protect themselves and their children from the abuser. This can be very difficult to navigate. Also, the limitations on the availability of Legal Aid leaves many people going through court proceedings with no professional support.

To support people who need to go to family court as a result of domestic abuse, we are proud to launch our new family court website.

The site is the result of an extensive review of the experience and safeguarding of survivors of domestic abuse and their children who are part of Child and Family Court Proceedings in York and North Yorkshire, funded by the Office of the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner.

The review highlighted the need for clear, accessible information that could support survivors through the family courts.

A website to help navigate the Family Court process

In response, IDAS worked with partners and survivors to develop the new family court website.

The site features information and videos, along with a searchable database of solicitors who have a Legal Aid contract, offer free drop-ins or consultations.

Julia Mulligan, Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner, says, "I was very happy to commission IDAS to undertake a report into how domestic abuse victims and survivors are supported through the family courts, and excited to see some of the learning from that report being put into practice already".

"We know how hard it is for some of these victims and survivors to navigate complex legal systems, which often they have no choice but to go through, and this website makes that stressful and tiring process much easier, quicker and allows victims and survivors to regain some control".

Sarah Hill, CEO of IDAS, says, "Our new Family Court website breaks down complicated processes and legal language into an easy to understand guide for survivors of domestic abuse. We hope that this website will support survivors everywhere who are striving to keep themselves and their families safe".

We hope the site will provide information and guidance to improve the experience and safeguarding of survivors and their children going through the family court.

Take a look at the site here: https://familycourts.idas.org.uk

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