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IDAS Volunteers decorating the children's playroom in one of our refuges

Thank you for your interest in supporting us during this challenging time. To keep the people we support and our staff safe we have paused many of our volunteering activities. However, there are many ways in which volunteering and championing our service can still continue. We are creatively expanding our engagement with people affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence and you can help us. Our charity, now more than ever, needs to be seen and heard by those that need us. By supporting our campaigns to raise awareness and share safety advice and participating in and sharing our fundraising initiatives you can play a crucial part. All our volunteering opportunities are based in Sheffield, Barnsley, North Yorkshire or York.

You can be involved in our work in two ways

  1. Support us by helping to distribute our posters, share our information in community groups on and offline, share and get involved in our social media campaigns and fundraising activities.
  2. Apply to support us as a volunteer in the longer term. We are still processing applications for volunteers to support us and we are engaging our volunteers in an active programme of online training, webinars and support groups so that they can jump back into action as the lock down restrictions lift. Your application may take a little longer than usual to process. Please be aware that volunteering within our teams has been paused. There are limited opportunities to volunteer remotely at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact our volunteer organisers below.

How do I apply?

To become a volunteer or Champion with IDAS you can complete the online application form below. We will then contact you by phone or email to talk to you about the volunteering opportunities available. You may then be invited to an information session or an informal interview before joining our training or induction programme. We expect that, following an interview, prospective volunteers will complete our online training as a precursor to further training.

Apply to be a volunteer now

What else can I expect?

We care about offering the best service we can, this means ensuring you are well trained and supported and that the people we work with have a positive and safe experience. This process involves telephone and face-to-face interviews, on-going training, reference requests and police checks for those aiming to work directly with our clients.

If you need to ask further questions regarding our volunteering opportunities or need some additional support to get started on your volunteering journey, please get in touch.

  • Contact Marie Eden, our volunteer organiser for Craven, Harrogate and District, Hambleton, Richmond, Ryedale, Scarborough, Selby, Whitby and York [email protected]
  • Contact Alison Maynard, our volunteer organiser for Sheffield and Barnsley [email protected]

Not ready to volunteer? Here are three things that you can do now.


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