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Jo-Ann Hughes

I am the Executive Director of Harrogate Hub - a charity offering a safe place to turn to where trained compassionate volunteer pastoral carers provide unconditional listening, befriending and signposting support to anyone who has a need. Our centre is in the middle of Harrogate town – 39 Oxford Street. And …

I have a dream! I have a dream that everyone will thrive in every aspect of his or her life; that everyone will enjoy healthy relationships that seek to love, encourage and build one another up to be strong, wholesome and able; that everyone will benefit from living in a community where no one is least, lost, lonely or marginalised.

I have a dream that children will grow up in safety and flourish knowing they are valued and wanted; that they learn to value others and celebrate each other’s differences; that they blossom fearlessly and grow into kind, compassionate adults.

I have a dream that everyone will know the love of community, of being connected and of knowing his or her true purpose in creating this community.

I have a dream … and that is why I chose to become an IDAS Champion and chose several of my pastoral carers to receive the training. I enjoy healthy, supportive relationships that scaffold me and help me to be strong in life’s storms and I would like to see everyone in the Harrogate Community living a hale and hearty life.

Blessings to all and thank you for sharing my dream.

Remember we are here at the Harrogate Hub for you, should you need a place to turn to.

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