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Jennifer Potter IDAS Champion

Brave survivor Jennifer Potter joins our Champions network to encourage other survivors to access support.

Jennifer is an accomplished public speaker and author of 'Stronger, Braver, Wiser.' We are proud to be working with Jennifer to raise awareness of sexual violence and the support that is available to people, whether they wish to report their experiences or not.

Jennifer said of her experience, "IDAS were a tremendous support to me throughout the police investigation the court case and beyond, which took nearly three years. My ISVA walked alongside me like a guardian angel preparing and supporting me at each stage. She’s a treasured soul. Without her I’d have been a total mess. Your friends and family don’t know enough about sexual violence to be able to support you in the way you need when you’re going through something like this and they fear saying the wrong thing so often don’t say anything. The support from IDAS is crucial in protecting individuals from further harm as a result of the process."

Read Jennifer's story here.

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